Providing corporate health insurance solutions to raise the level of insurance policy services, and fulfilling maximum cost-effectiveness. And in conclusion, achieving the satisfaction of employers and the insured and reducing financial losses.
Suggested Solutions:
1. لائحة تنظيم العمل The bi-Laws وما يتصل بها من سياسات داخلية.
2. Proficient advice for rejected cases.
3.Analysis of the behavior of individuals employers, and significant service providers to reduce misuse.
4. 4Advice on best practices in medical insurance to ensure cost-effectiveness.
Up to 20% reduction of the actual document value through the professional study of quotations and their suitability
Up to 15% reduction in the cost of renewing the insurance policy by justifying the consumption patterns of the beneficiaries.
Overseeing medical cases rejected by insurance companies per the policy terms and reviewing the medical insurance for these cases.


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