Alignment between the entity’s strategy, objectives, organizational structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
To solve problems related to organizational systems that affect participation, productivity, and performance, and to lead individual growth initiatives, such as career development, management and leadership development, and performance improvement.
Develop the organizational guide
1. Preparing the bi-Laws and related internal policies.
2. Human Resource Management Action Plan; It includes strategic objectives and an operational plan.
3. Building the organizational structure of the facility.
4. Manuals of basic human resources procedures.
Internal Communication
1. Measure past internal communication practices.
2. Managing events that contribute to the overall improvement of employee engagement and achieving the objectives of the facility
3. Report measuring the impact of the plan on employee performance and the most prominent recommendations.​


Investing in talent
1. Prepare the incentives and rewards system​.
2. Develop organizational development programs that raise the efficiency of employee performance.​
3. Measures of competence and skills.


Career Succession
1. Staff training and development: preparing the employee for the required future tasks.
2. Career planning: identifying the employee's interests and helping to provide options that are consistent with his interests and talents..
3. Profession management: creating organizational structures to achieve business goals.
4. Replacement planning: making a plan for the employee to prepare for potential future jobs.


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