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Management Consulting
A variety of business solutions to facilitate organizations' transformation based on best practices in terms of strategy, structure, systems, policies, and procedures.
 And you can select the best solution for your organization:
Comprehensive Management Assessment & Gap Analysis
A thorough organizational and management examination based on the Standard Institutional Pillars provides a framework for development based on a gap analysis using McKinsey's 7S Model and, or The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model.
Comprehensive Regulatory and Governance Manual
Developing the corporate governance file in its comprehensive concept by evaluating the reality and practice at the level of senior management (the board of directors, the CEO) and the executive level (the CEO, the operational management) and creating a vision for the growth and implementation of the governance system in a manner that fits the organization and according to the best standards and practices.
Applied Executive Management Program
Qualifying the youth of family businesses on the essential executive skills necessary to play a leadership role. And allowing non-family members first-line managers in the family business to contribute to developing the level, quality, and professionalism of communication between family members and the management team
All of that is presented through a package of training programs using the “Train-Apply” methodology.
Building and Developing Supply Chains
Developing the procurement department from working procedures and management personnel to adding value to the organization and its business outcomes.
This is reflected reflected in the three main pillars of supply chains:
1.Availability of materials and goods
2. Total Delivery Cost (TDC) to the production point
3.Working capital of the organization through improvement opportunities of supplier days (DP), payment facilities, and inventory days (DI).
Impact measurement and management (IMM)
Enabling organizations to manage and measure their social impact for all changes affecting stakeholders and a series of outcomes to understand the depth of effect and work on its development.
 Social ROI measures change in relevant ways to the people and/or organizations contributing to it. It shows how change is brought about by measuring social, environmental, and economic outcomes.
ISO Quality Management
An integrated management system is applied to the organization to achieve customer requirements for high-quality products or services through the implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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