Financial Consulting & Governance
Building outstanding financial administration is one of the pillars of the organization's stability and continuity. We offer advisory products that contribute to building and organizing the institutional financial framework.
Financial Governance and Modeling Products
1.• Preparing the organizational structure for finance departments.
2.•Preparing job description cards.
3.• Creating accounts guides.
4.• Building financial policies. 
5.• Preparing the financial procedures manual.
6.• Building discretionary budgets following strategic directions. 
7.• Preparing procedures manuals for budgets. 
8.• Arbitration and evaluation of financial computer systems. 
9.• Building a financial and strategic reporting system. 
10.• Building financial sustainability plans and budgets.
Evaluation of civil associations and NGOs in the financial safety and governance standards
1. Financial evaluation of companies and institutions.
2. Evaluation of non-profit organizations (Associations, NGOs, and endowments)
3. Evaluation of NGOs and Institutions in Financial Safety Standards:
• Financial performance indicator
• Financial regulation index
4.Evaluation of civil associations and NGOs in Other Governance Standards
• Compliance and commitment
• Transparency and disclosure
Governance Policies
1.• Conflict of interest policy 
2.• Fundraising policies 
3.• The ethical charter for the employees of the association. 
4.• Reporting financial irregularities and protection of whistleblowers policy. 
5.• Document retention and destruction policy.
6.• Approved data privacy policy. 
7.• Beneficiaries relations and service provision policy. 
8.• Volunteer management approved policy. 
Monitoring and supervision program
1.• Monitoring implementing and applying the outputs of the financial modeling and governance project. 
2.• Supervising the computerization of financial operations projects.
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