Impact measurement and management (IMM)

Enabling organizations to manage and measure their social impact for all changes affecting stakeholders and a series of outcomes to understand the depth of effect and work on its development.
 Social ROI measures change in relevant ways to the people and/or organizations contributing to it. It shows how change is brought about by measuring social, environmental, and economic outcomes.
This is achieved through:

Measuring current projects impact
Using globally observed approaches and methodologies such as measuring the “Social Return on Investment” (SROI), which was developed by the specialized global organization Social Value International (SVI). 
Impact Standards for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs IS)
1. Aligning the organization’s strategic objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the goals it seeks to achieve
2. Applying the international standards adopted for the sustainable development goals to verify the achievement of the SDGs Impact Standards at the levels of strategy, operations, governance, and disclosure
Establishing Offices to Integrate Impact Within Strategy
1.Transferring the business model within the organization to base it on the principles of social impact to develop a core social value for stakeholders
2.•Creating a new culture withing various departments and operations and designing, selecting, evaluating, and sustaining projects based on social impact as a strategic tool.
3.•Designing structures, processes, and procedures to manage the office.

Organizations Impact Measurement Qualification Program (SINH®)
1.Providing a professional qualification program for the organization's internal team based on the global methodology for measuring social return on investment (SROI) and approved by the patron of the methodology SVI.
2.•Implementing social impact measurement for selected projects under the supervision of Rawnaq

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