About Rawnaq

Our Journey
Rawnaq’s story began from the heart of the business world, with its passion, ambition, and challenges by adopting the latest and best business solutions, which are effective in achieving visions, goals and overcoming challenges through the best solutions and practices, led by an elite group of consultants. We believe in our values that presented throughout commitment, professionalism, kindness, and partnership. We seek with all enthusiasm and strength to leave an imprint and value to our partners in success. We are committed to providing the best solutions to face Acceleration in the world of business.
Our vision
The first house of expertise to support facilities to achieve their goals and improve their performance.
Our Message
Providing added value to our clints that supports their organizational mission and Corporate Governance in its whole interpretation.
Our Values
Al-Ihsan (Do Good) – Commitment
Professionalism – Partnership