Economic Empowerment

it aims to build workers abilities in work growth, Microfinance, economic social empowerment to supporting institutions and the third sector that aims to accelerate the process of social and practical change and achieve sustainable growth under the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
anticipated Outputs
- Spreading the concept of financial growth for social and economic empowerment.
- Building Initiations for social and economic empowerment for the private sector, the third sector and other institutions as well.
- Maximizing social and economic impact through executed projects and Initiatives.
- Building the capacities of employees in the microfinance and micro-finance sector.
- Maximizing the economic and social impact through the implemented projects and initiatives.
- Firming a culture of work and production through non-financial services and economic empowerment.
- Spreading Awareness of shifting culture sponsorship programs to sustainable development programs and third sector.
- Raising awareness and spreading the culture of transition from pastoral programs to sustainable development programs for the third sector.
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