Governance and Commitment

Governance and commitment: developing the corporate governance file in its comprehensive concept through assessing reality and practice at various levels to ensure good organization and effective management and qualify companies to enter the main market ” Tadawul” and the parallel market “nomw”.

anticipated Outputs
- Enhancing management efficiency and decision making mechanism.
-Reducing legal and operational risks.
- Enhancing trust between investors and partners.
- Improving reputation and credibility in the market.
Support rung
- At runaq office, we provide support and consulting to achieve comprehensive governance and compliance. We use the necessary tools and expertise to develop a governance and compliance framework in line with the best international standards and practices.
- If you are looking to strengthen the governance of your company and ensure compliance with effective standards and guidelines, runaq office is the ideal partner for you. We will work together to achieve good organization, effective management and achieve your goals in the evolving market
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