Marketing Consulting

Providing marketing guidance to related marketing strategies and the development of the brand to increase awareness of the product or service that helps increasing sales, including analyzing the market competitors, targeting audience, developing marketing and digital presence. and to Improve marketing strategies across social media, analyzing Results, and marketing plans.

anticipated Outputs
Specific Marketing Strategy
A customized marketing strategy that targets audience, enhances brand awareness and achieve goals.
Competitors analysis
Present a full analysis of market and competitors to understand potential trends, opportunities and challenges.
Brand Development
Assist in developing and strengthening brand through appropriate marketing strategies, design identity and effective communications.
Digital marketing strategies Improvement:
Providing guidance through social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing and others to improve company's digital presence.
Marketing Reporting and Performance Measurements
Provide tools and techniques to measure the performance and prepare analytical reports to evaluate results and make decisions based on results.
Coaching and coaching the team
Provide guidance and training to internal marketing teams to enhance skills, knowledge and improve performance
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